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Residential Sprayed Concrete Systems
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These systems consist of expanded polystyrene panels (ranging in thickness between 40 and 100mm), flanked on both sides with steel wire mesh and welded together with diagonal trusses to form a wire space frame. The panels are erected over steel reinforcing bars embedded in a concrete foundation and floor system and fastened to one another with additional wire mesh.
Once the panels are in place, openings for doors and windows are easily cut, while electrical wiring and plumbing are simply mounted between the polystyrene and the layer of wire mesh.

The thickness of the panels allows all types of installations to be embedded within them, without affecting the structural parameters of the house. Concrete is then sprayed onto both faces of the panels to the desired thickness.

The result is a homogenous structure with excellent thermal and acoustic properties. The very dense concrete cover is durable, highly waterproof and provides thermal mass. The double shell configuration of the panels minimises sound transmission. The entire structure works effectively to distribute loads and has an extremely high strength-to-weight ratio. Panels perform well under seismic movement and can also be used in the construction of roofs and suspended concrete floors.

The panels are produced in a standard width of 1200mm, with lengths up to 6000mm available if required. A typical panel measuring l200mm x 2500mm x 1000mm weighs only 17 kilograms and can be cut to any length. Because they are so lightweight and easy to handle, wall erection time is reduced and installation requires little equipment or manpower. Panels can also be easily adapted to arches or curved wails.

Some systems are recyclable and claim to be environmentally friendly. As with other concrete formats, the panels do not emit harmful gasses. They readily accept any form of internal and external surface texture treatment. Other types of construction material, such as reinforced concrete, can be integrated with the panels.