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Precast Concrete
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The development of precasting techniques in this country has allowed reinforced concrete to compete favourably with other forms of construction.

Curiously it has not made a serious entry into the residential construction market until the past 10 years.

This later period has coincided with the development of proprietary self insulating precast systems.

Concrete precast methods were pioneered in the US early in the 20th century.

The New Zealand industry is well developed and generally acknowledged as a world leader.

There are good supplies of the raw materials and technology in most parts of the country.

Precasting, whether done in factory conditions or on site, offers the opportunity to control the quality to a high standard. 

Advantages of precast concrete construction systems include the following:

  • Quality control - the quality is better able to be controlled by casting multiple units in the same mould, by casting walls flat rather than standing upright and through the ability to better control environmental conditions.
  • Lower costs for the reasons noted above.
  • Finishing options inherent in solid concrete construction.
  • Interesting shape and texture possibilities.
  • Speed of construction - with off site production the panels and other precast elements can be made while the site is being prepared.