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Concrete Masonry
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Concrete masonry or blockwork has a long association with residential construction in New Zealand.

As well as offering all the positive attributes of the other forms of concrete it is an easy format to use.

The use of concrete masonry has been well supported by the block manufacturers throughout the country.

Special profiles are available to suit all the detailing conditions that can be anticipated.

The range of products continues to be expanded as blocks with special surface finishes, sizes and thermal characteristics are put to the market.

Concrete masonry offers a range of advantages, including:

  • Economy - particularly when the construction module is fully exploited.
  • Does not require special or costly equipment to install.
  • Modular units are relatively easy to handle and can be delivered to most buildings sites.
  • Stop and start of construction is easy to incorporate.
  • Structurally and architecturally - range of profiles allowing for most detailing requirements.
  • Interesting architectural scale and surface textures.

Time pressures and increases in the cost of construction have meant that this effective traditional method of construction has generally been replaced by the single skin masonry wall.

This change has been justified through the development of new materials which effectively seal the external surfaces while also serving as paint or plaster finishes.