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Concrete NZ - Advocacy
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New Zealand’s construction sector plays a significant role in the economy. It is the fifth largest sector, employs more than 170,000 people and is a $30 billion plus per year sector.



There are some significant challenges and opportunities for the Government to progress in partnership with the concrete industry.


Auckland Supply Constraints
Government assistance is sought to progress discussions with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council to enable the concrete industry to better serve the increasing demand for its product across the key Auckland construction market.

Building Material Quality
Government can be assured that the concrete industry is committed to maintaining its own successful quality assurance protocols audited by independent third parties.

Concrete Placer Proficiency
Government, in partnership with industry, should develop resources to support concrete placing and finishing proficiency, and the Licensed Building Practitioner scheme should include a Concrete Placing & Finishing Class.

Concrete Roads
Government should require the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) to fund a significant concrete road pavement trial.

Government should ensure the construction materials for KiwiBuild are selected on their technical, cost, aesthetic and sustainability credentials.

Precast Performance
Government can be assured that precast concrete floor design issues identified following the Kaikoura earthquake have been addressed in recent code revisions.

Pro-Wood Government Procurement Strategy
Government should operate in the public interest and ensure construction materials are selected on their own technical, cost, aesthetic and sustainability credentials. 

Concrete NZ’s focus in the broader construction environment is to work towards optimising a resilient built environment that benefits all New Zealanders.

There is much government can do, in partnership with industry, to ensure New Zealand has quality infrastructure and housing, which is central to ensuring economic success and the welfare of New Zealanders.

Concrete NZ is available to help on any concrete matter, whether it is material, design or structurally related; and looks forward to discussing with Ministers the challenges and opportunities covered in this briefing.