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About The Learned Society
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The Concrete NZ Learned Society facilitates the sharing of industry knowledge, participates in the development of concrete and construction and provides a foundation for building valuable business networks, in New Zealand and overseas.  The Society would welcome your membership and participation into this long-standing, respected and highly valued industry organisation.

Goals and Activities
The Society is a non-profit organisation where members reap the benefits of their combined contributions. It aims to encapsulate the wealth of expertise of its membership and to output this in the form of seminars, technical publications and conferences for the betterment of the concrete and construction industry at large.  With an emphasis on ‘Learned’, the Society is focussed on technical excellence and is not influenced by any external commercial interests.

The Society is in the unique position to provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge and experience between members and to disseminate this information for the benefit of the concrete and construction industry in general.  The goals and activities are:

  • Provide a forum for the discussion by its members of matters relevant to the objects of the Society.  Industry representation on behalf of the membership is provided by the Society Committee.  This body comprises a broad cross section of industry representatives who are committed to promoting good concrete construction and developing industry networks.  The Committee will establish and maintain relations with appropriate local, national and international bodies where this will further the objectives of the Society.
  • Affiliate and liaise with other organisations of similar or allied interests.  The Society’s interests are very much interrelated with those of Concrete NZ.  This is a powerful consolidated association that offers effective liaison and partnering with these other organisations that strengthens the position of concrete in the market place and extends the level of knowledge.  Overseas affiliated organisations include the Federation Internationale du Beton (fib), the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the Concrete Institute of Australia (CIA).
  • Support, and undertake where appropriate, training courses and seminars.  The Society participates and facilitates training at all levels within the concrete construction industry.  It assists in identifying innovations that can enhance our industry and areas of concern that need attention.  The Society has been involved in many successful seminars over recent years, partnering with other industry groups to produce events that assist designers and practitioners.  In addition, the Society has agreements with ACI and CIA, which enables it to obtain benefits such as pre-packaged seminars, website links and reciprocal member entitlements for technical publications and conference registrations.  Courses and seminars will generally qualify for Engineering New Zealand (formerly IPENZ) continuing professional development credits.
  • Disseminate information on prestressed and reinforced precast and cast in-situ concrete and related materials.  The Society is associated with a regular programme of functions, including technical meetings, seminars and conferences.  A bi-monthly Society e-newsletter is e-mailed to all members to advise them of key items of interest.  A free subscription to Concrete NZ’s Concrete magazine is also provided and this contains information on a variety of concrete industry related issues.  Internationally, the Society has long term relationships with the Federation Internationale du Beton (fib) and ACI. Through these affiliations, the Society has access to publications and the opportunity to join international committees as consulting or corresponding members.
  • Encourage research and foster the developments of new techniques for design, construction, maintenance and repair.  The Society promotes ‘R&D’, facilitates academic research and provides a study fellowship each year.
  • Participate in the development of appropriate standards, codes of practice and specifications.  Invitations to contribute and comment on concrete and other related standards are sought from the Society and its members.
  • Provide a channel for discussion with Government, Government departments, or other organisations.  As part of the consolidate concrete industry association - Concrete NZ – the Society is able to participate in key political issues.

Concrete Conference and Concrete Awards
A key activity on the Society’s event calendar is the annual Concrete Conference.  This conference allows both members and non-members to participate in the whole range of Society activities with broad industry participation.  Internationally renowned keynote speakers are sought to address conference delegates.  A wide range of technical papers are presented on projects, design, methodologies, materials, innovative techniques and R&D.  This conference is an excellent opportunity to participate in professional development and network with key people in the industry.

Every two years, the Society invites applications for the Concrete Awards.  These comprise the Concrete, Monte Craven Architectural Building, Infrastructure, Residential, Landscaping, and Technology Concrete Awards.  This is an opportunity for industry to applaud excellence in concrete construction and the awards are presented at the Concrete Conference.  These prestigious awards are keenly contested and provide deserved recognition for outstanding achievements in the advancement of concrete practice in design, construction, rehabilitation or research.

Society History and Heritage
Formerly the New Zealand Concrete Society, and before that the New Zealand Prestressed Concrete Institute, the Concrete NZ Learned Society has a proud history. Read More...