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Precast Sector Group

Concrete NZ - Precast Sector Group

About the Group

The Concrete NZ Precast Sector Group represents about 30 precast concrete companies that operate nationwide.

Under the Concrete NZ banner, the Precast Sector Group seeks to be to be the recognised voice of the off-site precast industry and making precast concrete the first-choice construction material.

About Precast Concrete

Precast concrete is a high quality and extremely versatile product manufactured in a controlled factory environment using advanced production techniques.

Precast concrete is available in a vast range of different sizes, shapes and finishes and it is used in a variety of applications, including buildings, bridges, infrastructure and landscaping.

Precast concrete provides significant benefits in terms of Quality, Design, Construction, Strength, Safety and Sustainability.

Precast Members

Membership of the Concrete NZ Precast Sector Group is open to those whose principal activity is the manufacture and supply of precast concrete.

To see a full list of the companies that are members of the Concrete NZ Precast Sector Group and a map showing their location click read more.

Precast Plant
Certification Program

Not all precast concrete is created equal.

Whether precast concrete is required for Architectural, Structural, Cladding, Civil Engineering purposes or any other purpose, purchasing from a Concrete NZ Precast “Certified Plant” provides confidence that it has been manufactured by an established plant with proper facilities, experienced personnel and appropriate quality management systems.


Refer to the resources area for further information on health and safety, legislative and technical aspects, and links to kindred bodies relevant to the precast concrete industry.

Case Studies

This area provides examples of precast concrete in use and how precast can be applied to a variety of settings including residential, community and infrastructure.