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Precast Sector Group

Concrete NZ - Precast Sector Group

About the Group

The Precast Sector Group represents about 20 precast concrete companies operating around 30 precast concrete factories nationwide and accounting for over 80% of the factory produced precast concrete.

The Group and its members are supported by a growing number of Associates who have an involvement or interest in the precast concrete industry.

Under the Concrete NZ banner, the Precast Sector Group seeks to be to be recognised as the voice of the off-site precast industry while making precast concrete the first choice construction material.

Plant Certification

The purpose of the Plant Certification Program is to provide project specifiers, head contractors, building owners and others, with confidence that products purchased are supplied from an established operator and a plant with appropriate manufacturing facilities, quality assurance programs, and expertise / experience.

Regardless of its application, purchasing precast concrete from a Certified Plant ensures that it has been manufactured by a plant with quality procedures in place that have been audited by an independent and accredited inspection body, such as those on the JAS-ANZ Register.

Why Precast Concrete?

There are many benefits associated with the use of precast concrete components. These require appropriate design, use of the correct materials and manufacturing processes with skilled and knowledgeable personnel. Benefits include, quality, durability and dimensional accuracy.

Factory made precast concrete is manufactured under controlled conditions in a special purpose facility dedicated to efficient and economical production of quality components for delivery to site.

Precast Case Studies

To showcase precast concrete construction's ongoing contribution to New Zealand's resilient built environment the Precast Sector Group has compiled a number of exemplar case studies from around New Zealand.

Across residential, commercial and infrastructure applications, these eye-catching structures exhibit all the benefits of precast concrete within a real-life context. The results are functional and aesthetically pleasing - welcome additions to a their surroundings.

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