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Concrete NZ Conference 2019
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Dunedin 2019

Dunedin Centre, Dunedin
10 – 12 October 2019

Session 1:
Chairman: Nic Brooke

1       ‘Concrete - Enhancing a Sustainable Future
         Rob Gaimster - Concrete New Zealand

         ‘The NCTIR Story - Moving Mountains to Reconnect Communities’
         David Rowland / Steve Procter - NCTIR Alliance

3       ‘Turanga Library Christchurch - Hybrid Rocking Precast Concrete Wall Panels
         Tim Shannon - Lewis Bradford Consulting Engineers


Session 2A: 
Chairman: Alessandro Palermo

1       'The Building Code System and a Future Direction for Standards That Support the NZ Concrete Industry'
         Dave McGuigan - Concrete NZ

2       'Standard Update AS/NZS 4671 - Steel for the Reinforcement of Concrete' 
         Michael Palmer - Pacific Steel

3       'Investigation of Alkali Threshold Limits and Blended Aggregate in ASR Risk-Assessed Concretes' 
         Kirk Vessalas / Elsie Nsiah-Baafi / Paul Thomas / Vute Sirivivatnanon - University of Technology Sydney, Australia

4       'Steel Fibre Concrete Quality Control - Examples from Overseas Standards and Codes' 
         Sam Datlen-Carter / Sean Page-Wood - BOSFA


Session 2B: 
Chairman: Richard Sands

1       'Concrete Careers for Life'
         Jenny Connor / Mark Williams / Greg Durkin - Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO)

2       'Prediction of Concrete Compressive Strength Using Mathematical Regression Model' 
         Jarod Wilson / Ezra Jones / Murray Dickson - Holcim NZ Ltd

3       'Spacecrete: The Final Frontier for Concrete Construction' 
         Allan Scott / Chris Oze / Vineet Shah / Milap Dhakal / Rajesh Dhakal / Matt Hughes - University of Canterbury

4a.     'Concrete Canoe Presentations'
         Bradley Twyman / Christopher Townsend / Nick Rew / Yao Wei Yap - University of Auckland

4b.    'Concrete Canoe Presentations'
         Harry Mackay / William Marshall / Jake Mayston / Jesse McCall - University of Canterbury


Session 3: 
Chairman: Moustafa Al-Ani

         'The Art and Science of Designing and Building the Tallest Buildings in the World'
         Andy Davids - Ateliers Jean Nouvel

2       'Performance and Usability of Reinforcing Bar Couplers: A Study on Solutions Currently Available to the Market and the Limits on Their Use' 
         Sam Adshead / Chris Allington - Holmes Solutions LP

3       'Study for Future Upgrade of Standard Pre-Cast Bridge Beams' 
         Jamil Khan - Beca Ltd

4       'Challenges Facing the NZ Aggregates Sector' 
         Wayne Scott - Aggregates and Quarry Association


Session 4A: 
Chairman: Dave McGuigan

1       'An Analytical Method to Identify Reinforced Concrete Walls Prone to Out-of-Plane Shear Failure'
         Arsalan Niroomandi / Stefano Pampanin / Rajesh Dhakal / Mohammad Soleymani Ashtiani - University of Canterbury

2       'Floor Diaphragm Strengthening of Concrete Structures with FRP' 
         Enrique del Rey Castillo - University of Auckland; Ravi Kanitkar - KL Structures, USA; Scott Smith - Southern Cross University, Australia

3       'Epoxy Resin Injection as a Repair Strategy for Concrete' 
         Evie Anderson - Batchelar McDougall Consulting

4       'New Steel Threaded Inserts - Precast Connection Applications Testing to NZS 3101 Amd 3' 
         Emanuele Naccini - RamsetReid

5       'Use of Toothed Anchor Channels for Fixing Precast Concrete Cladding Panels in Seismic Regions' 
         Masoud Hashemi / Andreas Boomkamp - Ancon Building Products, Australia


Session 4B: 
Chairman: Tim Sullivan

1       'Architects - Concrete - Sustainability'
         Ralf Kessel - Concrete NZ

2       'Exploring Opportunities and Limitations of 3D Concrete Printing in the NZ Housing Market' 
         Xiao Zhao / Giuseppe Loporcaro - University of Canterbury

3       'Design of Shallow Raft Foundations on Expansive Soils' 
         Dene Cook - Firth Industries; Fabio Parodi / Aldo Emanuele Mortola - Cresco Group

4       'An Innovative and Eco-Friendly Foundation System to Enhance the Resilience of Low-Rise Buildings' 
         Gabriele Chiaro / Alessandro Palermo / Gabriele Granello / Ernesto Hernandez - University of Canterbury

5       'Investigation into the Use of Penetrating Hydrogel Treatment on Existing Concrete Structures to Decrease Permeability' 
         Murray Gilbertson - G-Group Consulting; John Mander - Texas A&M University, USA


Session 5A: 
Chairman: Rod Fulford

1       'Numerical Seismic Performance Assessment of Precast Pre-Stressed Hollow-core Concrete Floors'
         Ana Isabel Sarkis / Timothy Sullivan - University of Canterbury; Emanuele Brunesi / Roberto Nascimbene - Eucentre Foundation, Italy

2       'Development and Testing of Retrofit Solutions for Hollowcore Floors in Existing Buildings' 
         Michael Parr - University of Canterbury; Frank Bueker / Ken Elwood / Lucas Hogan / Rick Henry / Ashwarya Puranam - University of Auckland; Des Bull - Holmes Consulting; Nicholas Brooke - Compusoft Engineering

3       'Shear Testing and Comparative Design Standards of Steel Fibre Reinforced Hollowcore Slabs' 
         Ernesto Hernandez / Ben Matthews / Gabriele Granello / Alessandro Palermo / Jack Marshall - University of Canterbury; Daniel Kennett / Nicholas Brazzale - Stahlton Engineered Concrete (a division of Fulton Hogan Ltd)

4       'Hollowcore Floors: Challenging Industry Perceptions' 
         Daniel Kennett / Nicholas Brazzale - Stahlton Engineered Concrete (a division of Fulton Hogan Ltd)


Session 5B: 
Chairman: Paul Donoghue

1       'On the Safety and Life-Expectancy of Concrete Structures Affected by ASR and/or DEF Expansion and Deterioration'
         John Mander - Texas A&M University, USA

2       'Time to Cessation of Curing for Concrete Using the Maturity Method and By Equivalent Durability Testing' 
         James Mackechnie - Concrete NZ; Allan Scott - University of Canterbury

3       'Concrete Defects in Bored Piles as a Result of Insufficient Applications of Chemical Admixtures' 
         Martin Larisch - Golder Associates / University of Queensland, Australia

4       'Modelling Heat of Hydration for New Zealand Concrete: Lessons Learnt from the Transmission Gully Project' 
         Tom Watson - Robert Bird Group; Blair Olynsma - Allied Concrete; Jonathon Swift - CPB-HEB JV 


Session 6: 
Chairman: James Mackechnie

1       'Commercial Bay and the City Rail Link - Threading Rail Tunnels Beneath Auckland's Largest Mixed-Use Commercial Development'
         Lidia Cooper / Rob Presland - Holmes Consulting

2       'Low-Damage Concrete Wall Buildings: Do Expectations Meet Reality?' 
         Yiqiu Lu / Rick Henry / Ken Elwood - University of Auckland; Ying Zhou / Anqi Gu / Ge Song / Tony Yang - Tongji University; Geoff Rodgers - University of Canterbury

3       'Wither Hills Reservoir Upgrade' 
         Fletcher Bruce / Simon Edmonds / Doug Stirrat - Beca Ltd

4       'Performance of Earthquake Damaged Beams and Effectiveness of Repair Via Epoxy Injection' 
         Mehdi Sarrafzadeh / Ken Elwood - University of Auckland

5       'The Collapse of the Morandi Bridge: Chronicle of a Death Foretold?' 
         Alessandro Palermo - University of Canterbury


DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.