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About the Precast Sector Group
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The Precast Sector Group represents about 20 precast concrete companies operating around 30 precast concrete factories nationwide and accounting for over 80% of the factory produced precast concrete.

The Group and its members are supported by a growing number of Associates who have an involvement or interest in the precast concrete industry.

Under the Concrete NZ banner, the Group seeks to be to be recognised as the voice of the off-site precast industry while making precast concrete the first-choice construction material.

Originally registered as Precast New Zealand Inc (Precast NZ or PCNZ) in June 1999, the Group seeks to:

  • To promote, aid, foster, research, develop and protect the interests of the precast concrete industry within New Zealand and ongoing manufacture and delivery of precast concrete for sale to third parties in the open market from an off-construction site static plant.
  • To exchange with other persons and organisations within New Zealand or offshore, information on precast concrete.
  • To provide a central organisation, through which Members may co-ordinate their efforts in handling problems of common concern.
  • To provide the support necessary to establish employee trade training to ensure that the precast industry skills and standards are maintained and are recognised by the construction industry through the quality of the products manufactured.
  • To represent and act for the industry before all divisions of Government, and public and private organisations where appropriate.
  • To publicise the aims and objects of the Association and to acquire or adopt a distinctive design, mark or device for the exclusive use of the Association and its Corporate Members and to regulate and control the use of such design, mark or device.
  • To represent the interests of the precast industry through the development and delivery of building codes acceptable to the industry.
  • Through the Executive, to establish standards which are to be required of Members of the Association and to establish a system of compliance.