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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2017
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Wellington 2017

Te Papa, Wellington
12 – 14 October 2017

Session 1:
Chairman: James Mackechnie

         'Tuning the Structural Engineering Mind in Creative Ways'
         Peter Laursen — California Polytechnic State University, USA 

         ‘Challenges and Progress toward the Assessment of Residual Capacity for Earthquake-Damaged Concrete Buildings
         Kenneth Elwood / Kai Marder/ Charles Clifton — University of Auckland

3       ‘Wellington International Airport Multi-Level Carpark — Concrete Raft Slab Construction
         Carl Ashby / Andrew Davidson — Opus international Consultants; Callum Sutherland / Rob Taggart — Fletcher Construction Company

Session 2: 
Chairman: Rod Fulford

1       ‘Damage to Buildings with Precast Concrete Floors During the 2016 Kaikoura Earthquake and Implications to Design and Seismic Assessment
         Richard Henry / S Convey / D Dizhur/ Ken Elwood — University of Auckland; Dave Brunsdon — Kestrel Group

2       'Damage Assessment of Concrete Road Bridges during the Kaikoura Earthquake 2016'
         Adnan Rais / Royce Liu /Alessandro Palermo — University of Canterbury 

3       'Christchurch Town Hall — Post-earthquake Repair and Strengthening Project'
         Mark Browne / Gareth Morris /John Hare Holmes Consulting 

4       'The Textile Centre Seismic Strengthening — Innovative Techniques to Minimise the Impacts on an Historic Structure'
         Niraj Ranjit / Rhys Rogers / Smith — BBR Contech; S Khatiwada - PRENDOS

Session 2A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman: Paul Donoghue

1       'Structural Application of Steel Fibres Reinforced Concrete with and without Conventional Reinforcement'
         Tian Sing Ng — BOSFA Pty Ltd; Trevor Nyan Soe Htut — Curtin University Australia

Session 3:
Chairman:  Rick Henry

1      Keynote Presentation: ‘Aesthetic Evaluation of Concrete Structures on the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway
        Andrew Charleson - Victoria University of Wellington

2       ‘Effective Use of Concrete to Achieve the Desired High Quality Urban Design Outcomes for the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway Project
         Jamil Khan/Geoff Brown — Beca Ltd; Frazer Baggaley— Boffa Miskell; Craig Service — Fletcher Construction; Alistair Bennett — Firth Concrete Ltd

3       ‘Concrete in Passive Houses — A Holistic Approach to Residential Living
         Ralf Kessel — Concrete New Zealand Inc

4       ‘University of Waikato — Law and Management Faculty
         Hendrik Vermeulen; Bruce Curtain — Opus International Consultants

Session 4:
Chairman:  Alessandro Palermo

1       ‘Reinforced Concrete Wall Boundary Element Prism Testing
         Holly Wright— University of Auckland

2       ‘Experimental Testing of the Next Generation of Low Damage Rocking Bridge Piers
         Royce Liu / Alessandro Palermo — University of Canterbury

3       ‘Fibre Optic Relative Humidity Sensors for Use in Concrete Structures
         Sebastiampillai Raymond / Yaodong Jia / A J Swanson / S Janssens / D Carder / D Bogunovic / J Schuyt — Callaghan Innovation

4       ‘Use of Toothed Anchor Channels in seismic regions
         Andreas Boomkamp Ancon Building Products

5       ‘Towards an Electronic Ephemera: Exploring atmosphere and architectural space in virtual engines
         Eliot Blenkame — Victoria University of Wellington

Session 4A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Paul Donoghue

1       ‘Workforce Diversity in the Concrete Sector: Challenge or Opportunity? The Choice is Yours
         Jenny Connor/ Mark Williams / Greg Durkin — BCITO

2       ‘A Case Study Of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete (involving very reactive siliceous glass) using Petrographic Techniques
         Ken Spring / Heather Spring / Thomas Spring — Geo:thempet Services

3       ‘Playing with Concrete
         Brenda Vale /Robert Vale — Victoria University of Wellington

4       ‘3D Printing of Concrete: Opportunities and Challenges
         Yaodong Jia / Conrad Lendrum — Callaghan Innovation

5       'NZRMCA Health & Safety Forum: The Outcomes'
         Brian Godfrey / Kyle Earpshaw — Allied Concrete Ltd

Session 5:
Chairman:  Rhys Rogers

1       ‘Auckland's Big Push
         Edward Ayre — McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd / Dane Cook — Firth Humes Group

2       ‘Joint Design and Management in Industrial Floors
         Andrew Coumaros - RamsetReid

3       ‘Examples of Creative Solutions in Recent Concrete Bridge Construction
         Peter Laursen — California Polytechnic State University USA

4       ‘Wigram-Magdala Link Bridge — the First New Zealand Bridge with Low-Damage Ductile-Jointed Bridge Piers
         Peter Routledge / Michael Cowan / Victoria „Womer Opus International ,Consultants; Alessandro Palermo — University of Canterbury

Session 5A:
Chairman:  Joe Gamman

1       ‘To the Next Level: New Cement Finally Brings the Advantages of Pozzolans to the NZ Construction Industry
         Cameron Greig — HR Cement Limited

2       ‘The Design and Construction of the Rototuna Reservoir Post Tensioned Floor Slab on Grade
         David Sharp — Grouting Services; Dave Godfrey — Hawkins Infrastructure; Tim Peters — EDGE Consulting Engineers

3       ‘The Kirkbride Road Interchange
         Sheena Chen / Ron King — Beca Ltd 

4       ‘Investigation on the Properties of Magnesium-based Cement as for Concrete Repairing
         Nan Yang /Allan Scott / Matthew Watson / Rajesh Dhaka' / Hung Tran University of Canterbury; Caijun Shi - Hunan University China

Session 6:
Chairman:  Jeff Matthews

1       ‘Watercare Mangere Wastewater Treatment Plant BNR Upgrade
         Blair Davidson / Chris Lenssen — Holmes Consulting LP; Colin Newbold— MCD-HEB Joint Venture; Sven Harfos Watercare

2       ‘KiwiRail Southdown Project — Replacement of Road 35
         Andrew Dallas — Conslab / Benjamin Browne - Novare Design

3       ‘Hardened Concrete Performance Guidelines for Construction Projects in New Zealand
         James Mackechnie — Allied Concrete

4       ‘Recent Testing and Design Recommendations for Precast Concrete Panel-to-Foundation Connections
         Lucas Hogan / Rick Henry / Jason Ingham — University of Auckland

5       'Strengthening of the Majestic Centre, Wellington'
         Rob Preland / Hamish McKenzie - Holmes Consulting Group

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.