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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2016
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Auckland 2016

Ellerslie Event Centre, Auckland
6 – 8 October 2016

Session 1:
Chairman:  James Mackechnie

         ‘The Development of High Performance Concrete: From an Academic Hobby to an Appreciated Component in The Tool Box Of Structural Engineers
         Joost Walraven – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

         ‘Challenges and Progress Toward the Assessment of Residual Capacity for Earthquake-Damaged Concrete Buildings
         Kai Marder / Kenneth Elwood / Charles Clifton – University of Auckland

3       ‘Construction of NZ’s Strongest Strong Floor
         Dene Cook – Firth Humes Group; Grant Thomas – Dominion Constructors

Session 2: 
Chairman: Nic Brooke

1       ‘Otahuhu Bus Train Interchange, Auckland
         Tony Pham / William Stone / Oliver de Lautour – Aurecon

2       ‘Lightly Reinforced and Precast Concrete Walls: Recent Research and Design Recommendations
         Richard Henry / Yiqiu Lu / Pouya Seifi / Tongyue Zhang / Lucas Hogan / Jason Ingham / Ken Elwood – University of Auckland

3       ‘Large Scale Testing of a Reinforced Concrete Wall Designed to the Amended Version of NZS3101:2006
         Alex Shegay / Chris Motter / Richard Henry / Ken Elwood – University of Auckland

4       ‘Finite Element Analysis of Rectangular Reinforced Concrete Walls Under Bi-Directional Loading
         Arsalan Niroomandi / Stefano Pampanin / Rajesh Dhakal / Mohammad Soleymani Ashtiani – University of Canterbury

5       ‘Out-of-Plane Instability of a Rectangular Wall Specimen Subject to In-Plane Cyclic Loading
         Farhad Dashti / Rajesh Dhakal / Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury

Session 2A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman: Brian Godfrey

1       ‘Mrs Smith’s Driveway
         Chris Munn – Allied Concrete

Session 3:
Chairman:  Rick Henry

1     ‘Wellington International Car Parking Building
       Andrew Brown – Holmes Consulting Group; Masako Uno – Powell Fenwick Consultants; Joel Stratford – Opus International Consultants

2     ‘The CCANZ Research Roadmap Project: An Industry View of the Research Needs Over the Next 10+ Years
       Joe Gamman / Alistair Russell – CCANZ

3     ‘Cashin Quay 2 Reconstruction: Lyttelton Port of Christchurch, New Zealand
       Scott Vallely – HEB Construction

4     ‘Concrete Durability: Concrete Institute of Australia’s Recommended Practice
       Sue Freitag – Opus International Consultants; Frank Papworth – BCRC Australia; Rodney Paull – GHD Australia

Session 4:
Chairman:  Alessandro Palermo

1a   ‘Fibre Rupture Tensile Capacity of FRP Straight Anchors
       Enrique del Rey Castillo / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Michael Griffith – University of Adelaide, Australia

1b   ‘Characterisation of Fibre Rupture Failure Mode of Bent Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Anchors
       Jae Lim / James Kim / Enrique del Rey Castillo / Dmytro Dizhur / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Michael Griffith – University of Adelaide, Australia

2     ‘Eastern Interceptor Rehabilitation, Auckland, NZ: Specialist Rehabilitation of Wastewater Pipeline
       Oliver Smith / Rhys Rogers – BBR Contech; Jonathan Graham – AECOM; Andrew Mercer – Watercare Services Ltd

3     ‘Large Scale Testing of a Low Damage Substructure Connection in a Precast Concrete Bridge
       Royce Liu / Alessandro Palermo – University of Canterbury

4     ‘Benefits of Top Strand and Steel Fibres in the Design and Manufacture of Hollowcore Precast Floor Slabs
       John Marshall – Busck Prestressed Concrete

5     ‘Geraldton Concrete Silos Remediation – A Case Study in the Structural Strengthening and Concrete Repair Practices Utilised for the Ongoing Operational Efficiency and Durability of 24 number Concrete Silos and 14 number Star Cells
       John Barry / Stuart Roberston / Anthony Mesic – Freyssinet Australia

Session 4A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Blair Olynsma

1     ‘The Role of Crack Width on the Service Life of Concrete Structures
       Joost Walraven / Andrija Blagojevic – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

2     ‘New Generation of Chemical Admixtures for Superior Concrete Rheology
       Bruno D’Souza – BASF Australia

3     ‘In-Situ Additive Fabrication for Fluid and Cementitious Materials
       James Durcan – Victoria University of Wellington

4     ‘Great Staff = Great Firms: Future Workforce Opportunities and Challenges
       Greg Durkin / Mark Williams / Jenny Connor – BCITO

Session 5: 
Chairman:  Rod Fulford

1     ‘Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway Split Retaining Wall Design and Construction
       Fletcher Bruce / Jamil Khan / Nima Taghipouran / Philip Robins – Beca Ltd; Olivia Ashby – Fletcher Construction Ltd

2     ‘Developments in External Post Tensioning Systems – A Case Study on the Learnings From Multiple Structures Across Oceania
       Kane Miller – Freyssinet NZ Ltd

3     ‘Design of Temporary Works for the Construction of Fergusson Wharf
       Richard Gray / Graham Frost – Fletcher Construction Company; Mark Seymour – Brian Perry Civil Ltd

Session 5A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Paul Donoghue

1     ‘Fresh Concrete Performance Guidelines for Construction Projects in New Zealand
       James Mackechnie – Allied Concrete / University of Canterbury

2     ‘Modern Concrete Technology and Placement Methods and Their Influence on Waterproofing Performance of Diaphragm Walls
       Martin Larisch – Brian Perry Civil

3     ‘Practical Solutions to Your Health & Safety Duties
       Matt Bishop – BVT Engineering Professional Services

4     ‘An Industry Update: Overview of External and Internal Influences
       Rob Gaimster – CCANZ

Session 6:
Chairman:  Jeff Matthews

1     ‘Design and Construction of New Zealand’s First 1825 Super Tee Beam – Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway Project
       Jamil Khan / Ronald Wessel / Geoff Brown – Beca Ltd; Jonty Pretorius / Flavia Wolf – Fletcher Construction Ltd

2     ‘Preliminary Experimental and Numerical Investigation on the Seismic Residual Capacity of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints
       Alberto Cuevas / Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury

3     ‘Concrete Temperatures, A Review of Requirements, Specification, and Recent Case Studies
       Liam Edwards – AECOM; Paul Donoghue – Firth Industries

4     ‘Microwave Interferometry Radar as Cost-Effective Technique for Bridge Monitoring
       Gabrielle Granello / Kaveh Andisheh / Alessandro Palermo / Jeremy Waldin – University of Canterbury

5     ‘NZCS Enduring Concrete Award
       Alex Gray – Impact Project Management; Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington; Tim Jones – Seismic Technologies Ltd

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.