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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2015
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Rotorua 2015
Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua
8 – 10 October 2015

Session 1:
Chairman:  Jeff Matthews

         ‘In Search of Elegance
         Michael Collins - University of Toronto, Canada
         ‘Strengthening and Heritage Restoration – The Arts Centre of Christchurch
         John Trowsdale / Peter Carney / Alistair Boys – Holmes Consulting Group LP

3       ‘Remembering Professors Paulay, Park and Priestley
         Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Des Bull / Kimberley Twigden – Holmes Consulting Group

Session 2: 
Chairman: Nic Brooke

1       ‘Seismic Performance of Existing New Zealand Shear Wall Structures
         Farhad Dashti / Rajesh Dhakal / Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury

2       ‘Composite Concrete Slabs on Steel Decking – Safety in Construction
         Andrew Dallas – Conslab Ltd

3       ‘Improved Detailing of Precast Concrete Panel to Foundation Connections to Withstand Out‑of‑Plane Earthquake Loads
         Jason Ingham / Rick Henry / Hayden Wright / Morgan Raby / Mark Casey / Sophie Burridge /  L Hogan – University of Auckland

4       ‘Integrated Territories – Rediscovering Watts Peninsula Through Integrated Medium Density Housing
         Georgia Sanson – Victoria University of Wellington

Session 2A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman: Brian Godfrey

1       ‘Domain Road Off-Ramp Bridge – Remediation of a Fire Damaged Structure
         Gregory Cooper – HEB Structures; Neil Lee / Andrew Walker – Opus International Consultants

2       ‘UPDATE – Industry Association Consolidation’
         Rob Gaimster – CCANZ

Session 3:
Chairman:  Rod Fulford

1     ‘Design and Construction of the Great North Road Interchange Ramp Viaducts
       Terry Cheng / Will Dobson / Lawrence Blackmore / Andrew Dickson – Well-Connected Alliance

2     ‘The Easiest Way to Achieve a 6 star Homestar Home is to Start at Ground Level
       Chris Munn – Allied Concrete

3     ‘Seismic Testing of Support Connection Details of Rib and Timber Precast Concrete Floors
       Samuel Corney / Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland

4     ‘Multi-Unit Cost and Performance Study
       Ralf Kessel – CCANZ

Session 4:
Chairman:  Rob Gaimster

1     ‘Large-Scale Testing of Low-Damage Superstructure Connections in Precast Bridges
       Zeinab Chegini / Alessandro Palermo – University of Canterbury

2     ‘Moving Towards Model Specification Guidelines for the Supply of Readymixed Concrete in NZ
       James Mackechnie – Allied Concrete

3     ‘Evaluation of Minimum Vertical Reinforcement Limits for Reinforced Concrete Walls
       Yiqiu Lu / Richard Henry – University of Auckland

4     ‘How Nominal is Any Structure’s Ductility?’
       Nicholas Brooke – Compusoft Engineering Ltd

5     ‘Proposed Industry Standard Specification and Guideline Document for the Design and Application of FRP to Concrete and Masonry Structures
       FRP Industry Working Group

Session 4A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Scott Williams

1     ‘Improving Safety Culture Through Leadership
       Michael Gebbie – HW Richardson Group

2     ‘Training for Success in the Cement and Concrete Industries’
       Greg Durkin / Mark Williams – BCITO; Rob Gaimster – CCANZ

3     ‘JPL Distribution Centre – World Leading Concrete Flooring
       Tim Walker – Conslab Ltd

4     ‘Competition and Consumer Law – Understanding Anti-Competitive Behaviour’
       Nicky Beechey – Commerce Commission

Session 5: 
Chairman:  Dene Cook

1     ‘Design and Construction of a 4D, Four Storey, Concrete Jigsaw Puzzle
       Timothy Blackbourn – Opus International Consultants; John Mitchell – Dodd Civil Consultants

2     ‘Innovative Design and Construction of NZ’s First 3m Diameter Concrete Bored Piles with Plunged 16T Column Cage in Challenging Seismic, Geotechnical and Urban Environment
       Jamil Khan / Philip Clayton / Geoff Brown – Beca Ltd; Matt Zame / Ian Stockdale / Amit Chaudhry – Fletcher Construction Ltd

3     ‘Design of RC Walls Post the Canterbury Earthquakes
       Alistair Russell – CCANZ; Rick Henry – University of Auckland; Richard Fenwick – University of Canterbury

Session 5A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Paul Donoghue

1     ‘The Commercial Argument for Revising NZS 3104 (The Concrete Production Standard)
       Chris Munn / Blair Olynsma – Allied Concrete

2     ‘Effects of Waste Glass on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Self-Compacting Concrete
       Samia Ali / Allan Scott – University of Canterbury; James Mackechnie – Allied Concrete

3     ‘The Modelling, Monitoring and Control of Heat of Hydration in the Majestic Centre Transfer Beam
       Alistair Bennett – Firth; Dan Edwards – Fletcher Construction

4     ‘The Design and Construction of a Cast In Situ Concrete Helical Staircase
       Sandy Hall – Sullivan Hall Ltd; Ross Bannan – Bannan Construction Ltd

Session 6:
Chairman:  Carl Ashby

1     ‘Bridge of Remembrance Seismic Strengthening
       Fraser Sherson – Downer New Zealand; Dene Cook – Fletcher Building Concrete Division

2     ‘Design and Construction of the Northern Approach Trench, Waterview Connection
       Stuart Paterson / Richard Gardiner / Andrew Dickson / Matt Wansbone / Matt Sinclair – Well‑Connected Alliance

3     ‘Westgate Shopping Centre Suspended Post-Tensioned Slab’
       David Sharp – Grouting Services; Tim Peters – EDGE Consulting Engineers

4     ‘Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd – Cement Terminals Project
       Ken Cowie / Derek Williams – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

5     ‘Predicting the Shear Strength of Concrete Structures
       Michael Collins / E Bentz / P Quach / A Fisher / G Proestos – University of Toronto, Canada

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.