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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2014
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Taupo 2014
Wairakei Resort, Taupo
9 - 11 October 2014

Session 1:
Chairman:  Jeff Matthews

         ‘The History and Achievements of the NZ Concrete Society
         Gavin Cormack – Beca Group

         ‘Conceptual Design and Innovative Structural Concepts to Produce Sound Concrete Structures
         Hugo Corres Peiretti – Technical University of Madrid (Spain)

3       ‘Manufacture of Precast Components for the Waterview Connection Project
         Bob Mawdsley / Andrew Bould – McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd; Daniel Wilson – Wilson Tunnelling Ltd

Session 2: 
Chairman: Nic Brooke

1       ‘Precast Concrete Connections for Accelerated Bridge Construction in Regions of High Seismicity
         Samuel White – Opus International Consultants; Mustafa Mashal / Alessandro Palermo – University of Canterbury

2       ‘History of Concrete Bridges in New Zealand
         Jamil Khan / Geoff Brown – Beca Group

3       ‘Testing Support Connections of 400 Deep Hollow-Core Precast Concrete Floors
         Samuel Corney / Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland

4       ‘Construction of the New Rangitoto Island Wharf
         Brendon Pickerill – Downer NZ Ltd

Session 2A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman: Jeff Burgess

1       ‘Marsden Refinery Mass Pour – Failure is Not an Option
         Blair Macfarlane – Allied Concrete

Session 3:
Chairman:  Jason Ingham

       ‘The Exciting First Day in the Life of Concrete: Chemical and Physical Processes at the Micro-Level Drive Macro-Level Construction Operations’ OR ‘Wild Things are Happening
       Kenneth Hover / J Abel – Cornell University USA; R Pinto – Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Brazil

2     ‘Preliminary Assessment of the Influence of Accelerated Curing on Concrete Quality
       Allan Scott / Samia Ali – University of Canterbury; Jeff Matthews / Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group; James Mackechnie – Allied Concrete; Dene Cook – Fletcher Building Concrete Division

3     ‘An Aggregation of Associations, Or Six Into One Does Go
       Rob Gaimster – CCANZ; Bob Officer – Allied Concrete Ltd; Carl Ashby – Opus International Consultants

4     ‘South Rangitikei Railway Bridge: Construction Engineering
       Graham Frost – Fletcher Construction Company; Clive Tilby – Spartan Construction Group

Session 4:
Chairman:  Rod Fulford

1     ‘The Memorial Park Alliance: A Roading Project to Remember Those Who Served at War
       James Lake – HEB Construction

2     ‘The Effects of Axial Restraint in Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams
       Richard Malcolm / Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Des Bull – Holmes Consulting Group

3     ‘Designing for Construction in a Third-World Nation: Kookaburra Street Viaduct, Papua New Guinea
       Charanjit Singh / Moustafa Al-Ani / Peter Wiles – Opus International Consultants 

4     ‘Use of Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer (GFRP) Reinforcing Bars for Concrete Bridge Decks
       Victoria Worner – Opus International Consultants/University of Canterbury; Alessandro Palermo – University of Canterbury

5     ‘The Fox and Ngakawau River Bridges: Are 1980s Pre-Stressed Beams Capable of Fulfilling their Design Life under Aggressive Marine Environments?
       Neil Lee – Opus International Consultants

Session 4A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Scott Williams

1     ‘Architectural Concrete Finishes
       Ralf Kessel - CCANZ

2     ‘The Concrete Houses of James Thomas Douce
       Morten Gjerde / Jennifer Gainsford – Victoria University of Wellington

3     ‘Colour for Concrete – A Rich History and an Exciting Future
       Cameron Greig – Peter Fell Ltd; Grant Wakefield – Lanxess Australia

4     ‘Pinto – What We Know and What We Don’t
       Cameron Greig – Peter Fell Ltd, Chris Munn – Allied Concrete Ltd

5     ‘The Design and Construction of the Clyde Quay Wharf Basement
       Ryan Clarke / Adam Thornton – Dunning Thornton Consultants; Sean McGuiness – LT McGuiness

Session 5: 
Chairman:  Rhys Rogers

1     ‘Compatibility Forces in Floor Diaphragms of High Rise Buildings
       John Scarry – John Scarry Engineering

2     ‘Precast Insulated Sandwich Panels using Self Consolidating Lightweight Pumice Concrete
       Jamal Almulla – Wilco Precast Ltd

3     ‘Victoria Wharf Repair'
       Murray Ford – Downer NZ Ltd; Duncan Peters – Novare Design Ltd; Peter Sansom – Resolve Group Ltd; Mark Kurtovich – BBR Contech Ltd

4     ‘Out-of-Plane Behaviour of Connections Between Precast Concrete Panels and Their Foundations
       James Burley / Richard Henry / Jason Ingham / Tautua Faitotoa / Pouya Seifi – University of Auckland

Session 5A:  NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Brian Godfrey

1     ‘Water – Regional Councils and Water Issues
       Rex Williams – H W Richardson Group Ltd

2     ‘Maintaining Required Workability of Self Compacting Concrete in Time
       Michael Khrapko – CBE Consultancy Ltd

3     ‘Product Development, Appraisal and Testing of a New and Improved Drying Shrinkage Reducing Admixture for Concrete
       Paul Macreath – BASF NZ; Hairul Sarwono / Takumi Sugamata – BASF Australia

4     ‘2700 Reasons to Confirm Tests of Fresh or Hardened Concrete
       Kenneth Hover – Cornell University USA

Session 6:
Chairman:  Carl Ashby

1     ‘NZCS Enduring Concrete Award
       Alex Gray – Impact Project Management; Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington; Tim Jones – Seismic Technologies Ltd

2     ‘Reducing the Maintenance Costs and Extending the Life of Reinforced Concrete Structures Using Hybrid Corrosion Protection Systems – Examples From United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand
       Paul Tanner – Sika (NZ) Ltd; Jeff Pritchard – Duoguard Australia Pty Ltd; Nigel Davison – Concrete Preservation Technologies UK; Rob Kilgour – AECOM Australia

3     ‘Experimental Evaluation of Minimum Vertical Reinforcement Requirements for Reinforced Concrete Walls
       Yiqiu Lu / R Gultom / Richard Henry / Quincy Ma – University of Auckland

4     ‘Christchurch’s Heroic Period:  Discussing the City’s Important Concrete Crchitecture of the 1950s to 1980s
       Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington

5     ‘Amendment 3 to NZS 3101
       Dene Cook – Fletcher Building Infrastructure Division; Richard Fenwick – University of Canterbury; Alistair Russell – Cement & Concrete Association of NZ

6     ‘Strategies Used to Strengthen Several Older Concrete Buildings in Wellington Using Techniques Used on Huddart Parker, Xero and Shed 39 Buildings
       Adam Thornton / Alistair Cattanach / Nicki Vance / Heshan Dantanarayana – Dunning Thornton Consultants

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.