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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2012
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Hamilton 2012
Claudelands Convention Centre, Hamilton
11 – 13 October 2012

Session 1:
Chairman:  Carl Ashby

         ‘Construction of The Shard of Glass
         Chris Cable – Robert Bird Group

2       ‘Impact of Structural Behaviour on Crack Assessment
         Des Bull – University of Canterbury / Holmes Consulting Group; John Hare – Holmes Consulting Group

3       ‘New Zealand Standards for Concrete Materials and Construction: 2012 Status
         Sue Freitag – Opus International Consultants; Rob Gaimster – CCANZ; Dene Cook – Fletcher Construction EQR

Session 2:
Chairman: Jeff Matthews

1       ‘Domain Road Interchange, Tauranga Eastern Link – Design in Liquefiable Ground
         Dave Idle / Andrew Walker – Opus International Consultants; Ralf Konrad – Peters & Cheung Ltd

2       ‘Kopua Footbridge Replacement, Raglan, New Zealand
         John McNeil / David Mockett – Aurecon New Zealand Ltd; Andrew Hiscox – HEB Construction Ltd

3       ‘A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Thermal Mass Retrofits for New Zealand Dwellings
         Morten Gjerde / Jaden Cairncross – Victoria University of Wellington

4       ‘Performance of Precast Concrete Cladding Systems Under In-Plane Cyclic Loading
         Andrew Baird / Alessandro Palermo / Stefano Pampanin – University of Canterbury

Session 2A: 
Chairman: Bob Officer

1       ‘Evaluation of Factors Pertaining to Delayed Ettringite Formation in Steam Cured Precast Concrete Members
         Johnson Mak / Kirk Vessalas / Paul Thomas – University of Technology Sydney; Daksh Baweja – Holcim-Humes UTS

2       ’20 Rawene Avenue, Westmere, Auckland
         Ross Bannan – Bannan Construction

3       ‘Mix Design of Lightweight Self-Consolidating Concrete using New Zealand Pumice
         Jamal Almulla – Wilco Precast Ltd

4       ‘Hydro Generation Schemes – Clear Water Hydro
         Gary Willis – Clearwater Hydro

Session 3:
Chairman:  Tim Jones

       ‘Legacy Way Concrete: Achieving a 100 Year Service Life
       Paul Sandeford – GHD; Mark Williamson – Cardno; Daksh Baweja – Holcim-Humes UTS

2     ‘Residential Concrete Slab Performance as a Result of the Christchurch Earthquake Sequence 2010-2012
       Colin Ashby – Ashby Consulting Engineers Ltd

3     ‘Lessons Learnt From Canterbury Earthquakes: Damage Assessment and Numerical Analysis of Concrete Bridges
       Alessandro Palermo / Maria Brando – University of Canterbury

4     ‘Improving the Cost Effectiveness of Concrete Repair and Protection Using EN 1504 Products and Systems for the Repair and Protection of Reinforced Concrete
       Paul Tanner / Mike Edwards – Sika NZ Ltd; Michel Donadio – Sika Services AG

Session 4:
Chairman:  Andrew Sinclair

1     ‘Accelerated Bridge Construction in New Zealand – The Design Procedure
       John Mitchell / Mehedi Chowdhury / Michael Chan / Peter Wiles – Opus International Consultants

2     ‘Replacement of Akatarawa Bridges
       Jamil Khan / Geoff Brown – Beca Group; Chris Hodder – Brian Perry Civil

3     ‘The Design and Construction of Countdown Warkworth – Suspended Post Tensioned Slab On Grade
       Alistair Knowles – KCL Engineering; David Sharp – Grouting Services NZ Ltd; Craig McCarthy – Conset Construction Ltd

4     ‘Dynamic Testing of Post-Tensioned Concrete Walls
       Kimberley Twigden / Richard Henry – The University of Auckland
5     ‘Selecting Appropriate Joint Systems for Good Performance of Industrial and Commercial Slabs On Grade
       William Marwick – Lesa Systems Ltd

Session 4A:  
Chairman:  Brian Godfrey

1     ‘A Local Solution to a Local Problem: Beneficial Use of a Cementitious Byproduct
       Harvey Tyler / Grant Anderson / Ajay Krishna – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

2     ‘Greening the Concrete Construction Industry: More of a Marathon Than a Sprint Race
       Chris Munn – Allied Concrete Ltd

3     ‘Browns Road Overbridge: A Bigger Jigsaw Than Usual Solved Using SCC
       Campbell Robertson – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd; Alan Connolly – Stahlton Engineered Concrete Ltd

4     ‘New Zealand Silo: Equipment and Industry Safety Standards
       Laurie Porter – Holcim Cement; John McLachlan – Skookums Technology Ltd; Grant Honeycombe - Golden Bay Cement

Session 5: 
Chairman:  Adam Leach

1     ‘ACI 355.2 – Seismic Testing of Post-Installed Concrete and Masonry Anchors in Cracked Concrete
       Gilbert Balbuena – Simpson Strong-Tie Australia

2     ‘Experimental Testing of Precast Concrete Panel Connections
       Bridget Allan / Sheena Chen / Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – The University of Auckland

3     ‘Durability of Marine Concrete under New Zealand Conditions: Actual & Modelled Performance after 13 Years’ Exposure
       Neil Lee – Opus Central Laboratories; Allan Scott – University of Canterbury

4     ‘Pukete Bridge Four Laning – Modifications for Construction of Pedestrian/Cycleway Clip-On Structure
       Murray Ford – Downer NZ

5     ‘Assessing Pre-tensioned Reinforcement Corrosion within the New Zealand Concrete Bridge Stock
       Rhys Rogers / Liam Wotherspoon / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Allan Scott – University of Canterbury

Session 6:
Chairman:  Jeff Burgess

1     ‘NZCS Enduring Concrete Award
       Alex Gray – Impact Project Management

2     ‘Pan Pac Pulpmill Treatment Tank
       Brian Peng / Phil Gaby – Holmes Consulting Group; Mike Romanes – Concrete Structures (NZ) Ltd

3     ‘Performance of Precast Concrete Floor Systems During the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquakes
       Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – The University of Auckland

4     ‘Integral Bridges using Precast Super Tee Beams – A Case Study of SH1 Interchange Bridge at Horotiu
       Peter Routledge / Michael Chan / Peter Wiles – Opus International Consultants       

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.