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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2009
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Rotorua 2009
Rotorua Convention Centre, Rotorua
8 – 10 October 2009

Session 1:
Chairman:  Dene Cook

1       ‘The Building & Construction Sector - A Way Forward’
         Maurice Williamson – Minister of Building & Construction

2       ‘Design of Offshore Concrete Structures
         Tor Ole Olsen – Dr.techn.Olav Olsen

3       ‘Delivering Transport Infrastructure'
        Geoff Dangerfield – NZ Transport Agency (NZTA)

Session 2:
Chairman: Jeff Matthews

1       ‘Concrete Structures – Structural Engineering Issues and the Department of Building & Housing
         Mike Stannard / David Hopkins / Graeme Lawrance – Department of Building & Housing

2       ‘Bridge 45 NAL
         Scott Vallely – HEB Structures

3       ‘21st Century Precast: The Construction of NZ's First Multi-Storey PRESSS Building’
         Alistair Cattanach – Dunning Thornton Consultants Ltd

4       ‘Rehabilitation of Bridges with Concrete Overlays’ 
         Gilbert Balbuena / Jacob Kunz – Hilti New Zealand Ltd

Session 2A:  Concurrent NZRMCA Materials Session
Chairman: Jeff Burgess

1       ‘Recycled Concrete Aggregate and its Application in New Zealand Ready-Mix Concrete Production
         Wentao Zhang – Stahlton Engineered Concrete; Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Chris Munn – Allied Concrete

2       ‘Pumice Aggregates for Structural Lightweight and Internally Cured Concretes
         Samuel Green – Arup; Nicholas Brooke – University of Auckland; Len McSaveney – Golden Bay Cement

3       ‘A Brewery Built From Millions of Beer Bottles: Use of Glass Aggregate Concrete
         Greg Slaughter / Campbell Robertson – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd; Ross Copland – Mainzeal

4       ‘A Critical Review of Test Methods for Determining the Quality of Fine Aggregates, Sands and Basecourses in New Zealand
         Jason Lowe – Winstone Aggregates; Douglas Wilson / Philippa Black – University of Auckland

Session 3:
Chairman:  Rob Gaimster

1       ‘Design and Construction of the New Mangere Bridge
         Alex Parfitt / Juan Pretorius – Fletcher Construction; Ronald King / Andrew Dickson – Beca Infrastructure Ltd

2       ‘Manukau Harbour Crossing Durability Modelling
         Dene Cook – Firth New Zealand Ltd; Andrew Dickson – Beca Infrastructure Ltd

3       ‘An Investigation to Establish the Severity, Prevalence and Distribution of Pretensioned Prestressing Steel Corrosion Risk in the New Zealand Concrete Bridge Stock
         Rhys Rogers / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland

4       ‘Design and Construction of the New Lynn Rail Trench
         Stephen Lee – Beca Infrastructure Ltd; John Palm – Fletcher Construction

Session 4:
Chairman:  Tim Jones

1       ‘SESOC’s View On Double Tee Supports
         John Hare – SESOC Management Committee / Holmes Consulting Group

2       ‘Flange Supported Double Tees – An Historical Perspective
         Len McSaveney – Golden Bay Cement; Rod Fulford – Precast NZ Inc

3       ‘Prototype Testing of Extended Loop Bar Details for Flange Hung Double Tee Flooring Units
         Rhys Rogers / Moustafa Al-Ani / Nicholas Brooke – University of Auckland; Len McSaveney – Golden Bay Cement

4       ‘Experimental Testing of the Support Systems for Precast Concrete Double Tee Flooring
         Chris Allington – Holmes Solutions Ltd

Session 4A:  Concurrent NZRMCA Session
Chairman:  Graham Payne

1        ‘Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) - Quality, Performance and Specification
          Alan Ross – BOSFA

2        ‘The Economy and the Concrete Industry’

3        ‘The Weather Outside is Frightful’
          Ken Ring

4        ‘GBC – New Service Centre Update’

Session 5: 
Chairman:  John Marshall

1       ‘Precast in Control
         John Hare – Holmes Consulting Group
2       ‘An Investigation of Wall-to-Floor Interaction for Buildings Designed with Self-centering Precast Wall Systems
         Richard Henry / Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Sri Sritharan – Iowa State University

3       ‘Push Over: An Artistic Vision of Concrete Construction
         Simon Glaister – Artist; Sumit Anand / Jedadia Mar – University of Auckland

4       ‘New Opportunities: Why Precast Concrete Claddings Deserves Another Look
         Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington

Session 5A:  Concurrent NZRMCA Related Projects Session
Chairman:  Bob Officer

1       ‘The Construction of a New State of the Art Batching Plant On An Environmentally Sensitive "Greenfields" Site in Christchurch
         Chris Munn – Allied Concrete

2       ‘A Detailed Investigation of the Uptake of CO2 in Crushed Concrete
         Kiran Dayaram – University of Canterbruy; Greg Slaughter / Michael Rynne – Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd

3       ‘Concrete, Particularly for the Oil and Gas Industry
         Tor Ole Olsen -Dr.techn.Olav Olsen

4       ‘Formliners, Moulds and Photo Engraved Technology
         John Joveski – Reckli NZ & Australia

Session 6:
Chairman:  Jason Ingham

1       ‘Use of Steel Fibres in Precast Segment Linings – The Hobson Bay Sewer Tunnel Experience
         Ralf Winterberg – Maccaferri Italy; Dan Wilson – Wilson Tunnelling Ltd; Rory Bishop – McConnell-Dowell

2       ‘Quay Park One, Mahuhu Crescent, Auckland
         John McCurran – CPG New Zealand Ltd

3       ‘Rotokawa Geothermal Turbine Tabletop Support Structure
         Jamil Khan / Hamish Brookie – Beca Infrastructure Ltd

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.