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NZ Concrete Industry Conference 2007
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Taupo 2007
Bayview Wairakei Resort, Taupo
27 – 29 September 2007

Session 1:
Chairman:  Paul Wymer

1      ‘The Power of Water’
        Ken Hover – Cornell University USA

2      ‘Concreting a Sustainable Future’
        Clayton Cosgrove – Minister for Building & Construction

Session 2:
Chairman: Jeff Matthews

1      ‘Strut-and-Tie Modelling of Fibre Reinforced Precast Concrete Beam‑Column Joints’
        Nicholas Brooke, Jason Ingham – University of Auckland; Gavin Wight – VSL Australia

2      ‘Testing: How to Get Useful Results without Spending More Than You Have To’
        Sue Freitag, Sheldon Bruce – Opus International Consultants

3      ‘Extending the Life of Concrete Structures – the latest trends and developments in electrochemical repair techniques’
        Michael Lawson – Construction Techniques Group; Atef Cheaitani – Savcor ART Global

4      ‘Implementation of Self-Compacting Concrete in a Precast Plant’
        Sherief Okba - Stresscrete

Session 2B:  NZRMCA Session

1      ‘Risk Management and Readymix’
        Chris Peace – Risk Management Limited

Session 3:
Chairman:  Patrick McGuire

1      ‘Concrete as seen through the eyes of an Architect’
        Ian Athfield – Athfield Architects Limited

2      ‘The Importance of Concrete in Sustainable Development’
        Rob Gaimster – CCANZ

3      ‘A Rheological Study on the Influence of Material Properties in Mortars and Concrete’
        Warren South - Golden Bay Cement; Michael Khrapko – CBE Consultancy Limited; Fanglai Qui, Quan Zhang – University of Canterbury; Gareth Dean – University of Waikato

4      ‘Design and Construction of New Zealand’s Largest Post-Tensioned Floor/Pavement’
        Brian Mooney, Timothy Walker – Conslab Ltd; Andrew Dallas – Allied Concrete; Jeff Marchant – BBR Contech

Session 4:
Chairman:  Russell Bennetto

1      ‘Putting the Steel into Reinforced Concrete – A 100% recycled New Zealand Made Product’
        John Beveridge – Pacific Steel Group

2      ‘The Design of Stabilised Pavements in New Zealand’
        David Alabaster – Transit New Zealand; Alvaro Gonzalez – University of Canterbury; Alan Kirby – CCANZ

3      ‘Kingsford Quay Wharf Concrete Deck Strengthening at Port Nelson’
        Nick Barber – Nick Barber & Associates; John Hart – Port Nelson Ltd

4      ‘Specification and Measurement of Floor Surface Regularity’
        Timothy Walker, Brian Mooney – Conslab Ltd; Andrew Dallas – Allied Concrete

Session 4A:  NZRMCA Session

1      ‘Industry Update – Concrete Pumping Association’
        Workshop Discussion

2      ‘How does the Audit Scheme of NZRMCA fit with current practice?’
        Andrew Dallas – Allied Concrete

3      ‘Synthetic Macro Fibres – An innovation in Fibre Reinforcement’
        Bruce Perry – Grace Construction Products

4      ‘Managing Concrete Problems with PCE Based Admixtures’
        Baha Abdelrazig – Sika New Zealand

Session 5: 
Chairman:  Dene Cook

1      ‘Global Initiatives for Sustainability in Architecture, Engineering and Construction – One Manufacturer’s Initiative’
        Guy Salmon – Ecologic Foundation

2      ‘Makatote Viaduct – Underpinning Pier 7, Challenging Nature with a Collaborative Approach’
        Peter Wissel, Alastair Blackler – Fulton Hogan; Walter Rushbrook, Matthew Callaghan – ONTRACK

3      ‘The Cause for Cores or a Cause for Concern?’
        Rob Gaimster – CCANZ

4      ‘Successful Construction with High Performance Concrete (HPC)’
        Andrew Dallas – Allied Concrete

Session 6:
Chairman:  Chris Munn

1      ‘The Sustainability of Concrete’
        Len McSaveney, Warren South – Golden Bay Cement; Deane Smart – Firth Industries; Jason Lowe – Winstone Aggregates

2      ‘Durability Properties of Inorganic Polymer Concretes which relate to Pore Structure’
        Roger Barnes, Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington

3      ‘Bridge 1 Rapahoe: Design and Detailing’
        Rob Presland – Holmes Consulting Group; Alan Bell – Smithbridge Ltd; Walter Rushbrook - ONTRACK

4      ‘Using Human Senses to Guide Concrete Construction Practice’
        Ken Hover – Cornell University USA

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.