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NZ Concrete Society Conference 2003
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Taupo 2003
Wairakei Resort Hotel, Taupo
3 – 5 October 2003

Session 1: Keynote Address
Chairman: Derek Chisholm

1      'Recent Use of Concrete in Small & Medium Scale Japanese Building Projects'
         Alan Burden – Principal, Structured Environment Limited/Associate Professor, Kanto-Gakuin University, Japan

Session 2: Delivering Concrete Performance
Chairman: Peter Smith

1      'Child, Youth & Family Services – Youth Justice Facility (Upper North), Precast & Thermal Mass Concrete Panels'
        Clive Smith – Hawkins Construction
        John Gibbons – Composite Insulation Ltd

2      'Railway Bridge: Design & Detailing for Construction'
        Rob Presland, Duncan Fleming, Matt Callaghan, Rob Park – Holmes Consulting Group

3      'The Role of Thermal Mass in Active Solar Architecture – Case Study: The Wadestown Solar Home'
        Richard Wright – Aonui Architecture Ltd

Session 3: Self Compacting Concrete
Chairman: Len McSaveney

1      'From Research to Routine Practice – The European Experience with Self-Compacting Concrete'
        Ake Skarendahl – Swedish Construction Sector Innovation Centre

2      'Self-Compacting Concrete: NZ Experience 2000-2003'
        Michael Khrapko – Stevensons Concrete
        Andrew Dallas – Allied Concrete
        Malcolm Thomson – Firth Industries

Session 4: Operation FreeFlow – The Grafton Gully Project
Chairman: Alex Gray

1      'Operation FreeFlow – The Alliance'
        Kim Barrett – FreeFlow Alliance

2      'Operation FreeFlow – Structural Design'
        Alan Powell – FreeFlow Alliance

3      'Operation FreeFlow – Urban Design Features'
        Carron Blom – FreeFlow Alliance

Session 5: Practice & Beyond
Chairman: Jason Ingham

1      'Second Report from the Technical Advisory Group on Pre-cast Flooring'
        Dene Cook – Technical Advisory Group

2      'Concrete in Art – The Christchurch Art Gallery'
        Roland Fretwell – The Buchan Group

3      'Japanese Concrete Bridges'
        Alan Burden – Structured Environment Limited

4      'NZS 4230 Review – Design of Reinforced Concrete Masonry Structures'
        Mike Cathie – Spencer Holmes

5      'NZS 3101 – Concrete Structures Standard'
        Dene Cook – CCANZ

Session 6: Concrete Briefs
Chairman: David Gray

1      'Performance of Australian Commercial Concretes Modified with a Permeability Reducing Admixture'
        Robert Munn, Z Tian Chang – Australian Centre for Construction Innovation
        G Kao – R&D Start Graduate

2      'Cracking of Concrete – Influence of Material Factors'
        James Mackechnie – University of Canterbury

3      'Deconstruction: Helping to Foster a Sustainable Concrete Industry'
        Morten Gjerde – Victoria University of Wellington

4      'Repairing Critical Infrastructure Assets Using High Performance Calcium Aluminate Cements'
        Mark Kurtovich, Peter Higgins – Construction Techniques Ltd

5      'The Thermal Performance of Concrete Homes in NZ: A Review of Research Sponsored by CCANZ'
        Larry Bellamy, Don Mackenzie – Lincoln University

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.