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THE Concrete Conference 2001
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Rotorua 2001
The Dynasty Heritage, Rotorua
5 – 7 October 2001

Session 1:
Chairperson: David Gray

1.      'Joining Two Nations: Concrete for the Oresund Link'
         Ulla Kjaer & Mikael Braestrup – Chief Consultants, Concrete Technologist Bridge Operation & Concrete Technology, RAMBØLL, Denmark

Session 2: Constructibility
Chairperson: Craig Muir

Part 1: Looking Ahead

1      'The Use of Admixtures in Concrete from the Perspective of a Concrete Supplier'
        Alistair Bennett – Firth Industries

2      'Self Compacting Concrete – A NZ Perspective'
        Ray Hudd & Mike Edwards – Sika NZ Ltd

3      'Concrete Production – Interaction Between NZS 3109 & NZS 3104'
        David Barnard – Godiva Consultants Ltd

Part 2: Shelly Beach Overbridge

1      'Shelly Beach Overbridge Modifications – Design Aspects'
        Geoff Brown - Opus International Consultants

2      'Shelly Beach Overbridge Lengthening & Strengthening'
        Hugo Jackson - Construction Techniques Ltd
        Noel Band – Fulton Hogan Civil

Session 3: Project Manukau - Auckland’s State-of-the-Art Wastewater Treatment Plant
Chairperson: Alex Gray

1      'Project Manukau – The Client’s Perspective'
        Peter Manning – Watercare Services Ltd

2      'Project Manukau – The BNR Tanks – The Designer’s Viewpoint'
        Dennis Hunt – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

3      'Project Manukau - The Programme Imperative – A Construction Viewpoint'
        Bruce Habershon – The Fletcher Construction Company Ltd
        Brian Griffin - Firth Stresscrete

Session 4: Concrete Slabs
Chairperson: Andrew Dallas

1      'Industrial Floor Slabs – Controlling the Movement'
        Lindsay Mayo – Lesa Systems Ltd

2      'Revival of Post-Tensioned Slabs On Grade'
        Jeff Marchant – Construction Techniques Ltd

3      'Project Slab – Comparison of Industrial Concrete Floor Slabs in the Auckland & Christchurch Markets'
        Dene Cook & Ross Cato - CCANZ

4      'Placing Commercial Concrete, The Big Ask!'
        Wayne Wrathall – Wayne Wrathall Concrete Contracting Ltd

Session 5: Concrete Opportunities in New Roading Projects
Chairperson: Fred Thomas

1      'Primary Prerequisites for Successful Civil Engineering Projects'
        John Fenwick - Department of Main Roads, Queensland, Australia

2      'Evaluation of Pavement Options for Roading Projects'
        Alex Gray – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd
        David Silvester - Transfund NZ                   

3      'Advances in New Contract Delivery Methods for Roading Projects'
        Niclas Johansson - Transit NZ                  

4      'Concrete Slipform Road Paving Practises in New South Wales'
        Grahame Simpson  - Barclay Mowlem, Australia   

Session 6: Into the Future
Chairperson: Peter Smith

1      'Investigating the Loadpaths of Floor Diaphragm Forces During Severe Damaging Earthquakes'
        Jeff Matthews, Des Bull & John Mander - University of Canterbury

2      'Research on Multi-Storey Post-Tensioned Concrete Masonry Walls'
        Peter Laursen & Jason Ingham - University of Auckland

3      'Enhanced Thermal Mass Concrete'
        Henry Skates, Barbara Joubert & Jim Johnson - School of Architecture, VUW

4      'Shear Resistance of Extruded Hollow Core Prestressed Concrete Slabs'
        Jubran Naddaf & Len McSaveney - Firth Industries

5      'Innovation & Excellence: A Review of Recent World Architectural Concrete'
        Morten Gjerde & Andrew Charleson - School of Architecture, VUW 

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.