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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1998
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Wellington 1998
Wellington Festival & Convention Centre, Wellington
8 – 10 October 1998

Plenary Session 1: Current Developments in Precast Concrete from Europe
Chairperson: Wayne Raymond

Keynote:  'Commerce of Concrete; Source to Market'
Arnold van Acker – Director Research & Development, Addteck International, Belgium

Concurrent Session 2: The Wellington Westpac Trust Stadium
Chairperson: Bob Park

1      ‘Stadia – Sporting Cathedrals of Our Time
        Alastair Richardson – Manager, Bligh Lobb Sports Architecture

2      ‘WestpacTrust Wellington Stadium – Procurement of a Stadium
        Alan Gray – Contracts Manager, Fletcher Construction Ltd

3      Lightweight Concrete An Economical Choice for the WestpacTrust Wellington Stadium
        Len McSaveney – Market Development Manager, Firth Industries Ltd

Concurrent Session 3: Capturing Customers and Keeping Them
Chairperson: Bary Williams

1      'Thermal Research and the Marketing of Concrete'
        Larry Bellamy – Principal Research Engineer, Lincoln University

2      'Building with Concrete'
        Nigel Marshall – Director, Marshall Homes

Plenary Session 4: Concrete Floors – What Really Happens, An Industry Debate
Chairperson: Andrew Dallas

Facilitator:  Wayne Raymond

The Panel:

Engineer: Des Bull, Director Technical Services, Holmes Consulting Group, Christchurch
Contractor: Kelvin Hale, Managing Director, Ebert Construction, Wellington
Concrete Placer: Craig Muir, Managing Director, Muir Concrete Ltd, Hibiscus Coast
Concrete Supplier: Jim Shaw, National Technical Manager, Ready Mixed Concrete Ltd, Hamilton

Concurrent Session 5: New Opportunities in Masonry
Chairperson: Grant Honeycombe

1      'The Future of Non Specific Design for Masonry'
        Andy Wilton – Residential Design Engineer, Firth Industries Ltd

2      'Issues Associated with the Use of Prestressed Masonry'
        Kevin Brownlie – Postgraduate, University of Auckland                  

3      'Seismic Load Sharing in Structures with Reinforced Masonry and Timber Framed Walls'
        Graham Beattie – Senior Engineer, BRANZ                  

Session 6: Advances in Concrete Floor Techniques
Chairperson: Craig Muir

1      'High Quality Flat Floors in New Zealand'
        Graeme Berghan – Managing Director, Bercon Construction

2      'Introducing New Technology for Concrete Placing and Finishing'
        Brian Mooney – Managing Director, Laser Screed NZ Ltd

3      'Panel Discussion Open to Questions from the Floor – “Avoiding Problems Associated with Concrete Paving

Concurrent Session 7: Concrete Opportunities Offshore – Some Practical Considerations
Chairman:  Graham Rowe

1      'Concrete in India'
        Rob Frost – General Manager, Firth Industries Limited

2      'International Consulting – Not for the Faint Hearted'
        David Bunting – General Manager/International, Opus International Consultants

3      'Concrete Opportunities Offshore – Exporters Co-operating to Compete'
        Tim Harris – Manager (Engineering, Building and Construction), New Zealand Trade          Development Board

Concurrent Session 8: The Case for No Log Books
Chairperson: Paul Commons

1      'Land Transport Bill'
        Ian James – National Co-ordinator Commercial Vehicle Investigations, Traffic Safety Division

2      'Fatigue Management'
        Ann-Marie Feyer – NZ Environmental and Occupational Health Research Centre                 
3      'Fatigue Management and Log Books'
        Chris Foley – Senior Technical Advisor, The Land Transport Authority

Plenary Session 9: Environmental Winners and Losers – Where Will We Be?
Chairman:  Richard Henderson

1     ‘Win Win Options for Industry and the Environment’
       Barry Weaver – Forest and Bird Protection Society

2     ‘Economic Implications of Environmental Legislation’
       Gareth Morgan - Infometrics

3     ‘Land Transport Pricing Study’
       Tony Friedlander – Road Transport Forum

Concurrent Session 10: Innovations
Chairman: Alex Gray

1     ‘Innovations in Glass Reinforced Concrete
       Stuart George – Managing Director, Buller George Engineers Ltd / Andrew de Jong – Contracts Manager, GRC New Zealand

2     ‘Rosebank Patiki Interchange Bridges
       Alan Powell – Associate / Nigel Snoep – Senior Engineer, Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

3     ‘Changing the Cement Recipe – Why and How?
       Brett Beatson – Technical Operations Manager, W Stevenson & Sons Ltd / Warren South – Technical Team Leader, Golden Bay Cement

Concurrent Session 11: Are we Special or Ordinary
Chairman: Peter Rae

1     ‘Ready Mixed Concrete Production Quality Control Systems
       David Brathwaite – Chairman, NZRMCA Classification Committee

2     ‘Classification Committee – An Alternative View
       Neil Turnbull – Consulting Engineer

3     ‘Engineering Acceptance of the Classification Scheme
       Rudolph Kotze – Regional Engineer, Cement & Concrete Association

Concurrent Session 12: Concrete Briefs
Chairman: Des Bulls

1     ‘The Whakapapa – Wanganui Tunnel Lining Repairs
       Chris Munn – Manager, Consultech

2     ‘Ductility of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete Columns
       Chris Allington – University of Canterbury

3     ‘Reinforced Earth Wing Walls at Manapouri
       Don Asbey-Palmer – Engineering Manager, Environetics Civil Ltd

4     ‘Concrete Block Paving – An International Perspective
       David Barnard – Technical & Training Manager, Cement & Concrete Association

Concurrent Session 13: Ready Mix Concrete Issues
Chairman:  Andrew Dallas

1     ‘An Investigation into New Zealand Pozzolana and Fillers
       Chris Mercer – Product Development Chemist, Golden Bay Cement

2     ‘Environmental Management Systems in the Concrete Industry
       Barry Fairburn – Consulting Civil Engineer, Connell Wagner

3     ‘Use of Recycled Concrete
       Stuart Park – Cement & Concrete Engineer, BRANZ

4     ‘Designing Mixes to Meet 50 Year Life Expectancies’
       Larry Gaerty – Director, Concrete Consultancy Services Ltd




DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.