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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1995
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Auckland 1995
The Sheraton Hotel, Auckland
30 August - 1 September 1995

Session 1: Keynote Address
Chairman:  Graham Rowe

Recent Bridging Achievements
Michel Virlogeux, Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, France

Session 2:  New Zealand Bridges
Chairman:  Rob Irwin

1     ‘The Otira Viaduct Design Concepts
       Ian Billings – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner

2     ‘Design and Construction of the Pukaki Creek Bridge
       Peter Lipscombe – Woodward-Clyde (NZ) Ltd; Andrei Vadnjal – Fletcher Construction Ltd

3     ‘Thorndon Overbridge Seismic Retrofit
       Alan Powell – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

Session 3:  Design & Retrofit Innovations
Chairman:  Gavin Cormack

1     ‘Composites for Civil Structures and their Application Internationally
       Edward Fyfe – Hexel Fyfe Co, USA; Rob Irwin – Contech Group Ltd; Ronald Watson – R J Watson INC, USA

2     ‘Case Histories of a Sliding Isolation System
       Ronald J Watson / Paul F Bradford – R J Watson Inc, USA

3     ‘External Prestressing
       Michel Virlogeux – Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussees, France

Session 4: Concrete Briefs
Chairman: Des Bull

1     ‘Innovative Precast Flooring Systems for the Museum of New Zealand
       Brian Griffin – Firth Industries

2     ‘The Use of Precast Concrete in the Mangere SH20/20A Motorway Extensions
       Chris Mackenzie – Holmes Consulting Group Ltd

3     ‘The Use of Prestressed Concrete in Building Structures in Japan
       Minehiro Nishiyama / Fumio Watanabe / Hiroshi Muguruma – Kyoto University, Japan

Session 5: Feature Session
Chairman:  Ernst Sansom

1     ‘Behaviour of Buildings during the Great Hanshin Earthquake’
       Fumio Watanabe – Kyoto University, Japan

2     ‘Behaviour of Bridges during the Kobe Earthquake
       Bob Park – University of Canterbury
Session 6: New Zealand Buildings
Chairman:  Wayne Raymond

1     ‘Design of Sky Tower – New Zealand’s Tallest Structure
       Rob Jury / Dale Turkington – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

2     ‘Construction of the Sky Tower
       Warren Hollings – Fletcher Construction South Pacific & NZ Ltd

3     ‘Observatory Hotel – Queenstown – Precast Concrete as Far as the Eye can See
       Adrian Jones – Holmes Consulting Group

Session 7: High Strength Materials
Chairman:  Len McSaveney

1     ‘High Strength Concrete in Buildings
       Des Bull – University of Canterbury / Cement & Concrete Association

2a    ‘Use of High Strength Reinforcing Steel in Japan
       Hiroshi Muguruma / Fumio Watanabe / Minehiro Nishiyama – Kyoto University, Japan

2b    ‘Opportunities in New Zealand for High Strength Reinforcing Steel
       Bob Park – University of Canterbury

3     ‘Application of High Strength Concrete in Cantilever Bridge Construction
       Eddie Koenders / Cornelis van der Veen / Niek Kaptijn – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Session 8: Concrete Briefs
Chairman:  Bob Park

1     ‘Cracking in Hardening Concrete due to Temperature Effects
       Eddie Koenders / Sander Lokhorst / K van Breugel – Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

2     ‘Dynamic Visualisation of Reinforced Concrete Structures under Severe Earthquake Motions
       Shoji Ikeda / Takahiro Yamaguchi – Yokohama National University, Japan

3     ‘Precast Concrete – Simple Connections’
       Grant Wilkinson – Holmes Consulting Group Ltd

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.