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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1994
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Taupo 1994
The Great Lake Centre, Taupo
7 – 9 October 1994

Session 1: Bridge Maintenance & Construction
Chairman:  Graham Rowe

1     Keynote: ‘Experience from 20 years Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Concrete Bridges in Denmark
       Leif Hartoft – Danish Road Directorate

2     ‘Repair Strategies/Service Life and Optimization of Concrete Repair Works on Concrete Bridges
       Leif Hartoft – Danish Road Directorate

3     ‘Management of New Zealand’s State Highway Bridges
       Rick van Barneveld – Transit New Zealand

Session 2: The Building Act – Is it Working?
Chairman:  Len McSaveney

1     ‘The Building Act – Is it Working?
       B Bluck – Christchurch Regional Council

2     ‘The Building Act – The First Years
       T Paterson – Phillips Fox, Barristers & Solicitors

3     ‘The Building Act Implementation by Hamilton City Council
       C Boyt & R Hargood – Hamilton City Council

4     ‘Possible Amendments to The Building Act 1991
       B Cashin – Building Industry Authority

Session 3: Earthquake Briefs – Los Angeles – How did Structures Designed to Current Codes Perform?
Chairman:  Bob Park

1     ‘Northbridge Earthquake, Los Angeles, 17 January 1994: Lessons from the Performance of Buildings
       D K Bull – University of Canterbury / Cement & Concrete Association

2     ‘How did Structures designed to Current Codes perform in the Northridge Earthquake: Lessons from the Performance of Bridges
       H E Chapman – Works Consultancy Service

3     ‘Base Isolation for Protecting Structures – High Tech or Low Tech?
       P Boardman and T Kelly – Holmes Consulting Group

Session 4:  Quality Achievements in Building Projects – Problems from the Past and Solutions for the Future
Chairman:  Gavin Cormack

1     ‘Quality Management in Building Projects – Building without Quality Control
       R T Banks – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd

2     ‘Quality Management Creates Quality Product
       M Higgins – Civil & Civic Ltd

3     ‘Partnering – A Step Back or a Way Forward
       I E Mills – Carson Mills Project Management Ltd

Session 5: Innovations in the Construction Industry
Chairman:  Wayne Raymond

1     ‘Concrete for the Museum of New Zealand – Have the Special Requirements Advanced the Cause?
       P Connolly – Ove Arup & Partners

2     ‘Creativity and Innovation
       J Illingsworth – Winstone Aggregates Ltd / L McSaveney – Firth Industries Ltd

3     ‘New Information Systems and how they improve Quality and Efficiency in the Construction Industry
       R Holbrook – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd                  

Session 6: Concrete Briefs
Chairman:  Des Bull

1a    ‘East Tamaki Water Reservoir

1b    ‘Precast Concrete – Aspects of the Wilson & Horton Press Hall
       W R Raymond – Hawkins Construction Ltd

2     ‘Railway Bridge – 104 Midline – Design and Construction
       R J T Park – Beca Carter Hollings & Ferner Ltd / S P Hann – NZ Rail Ltd

3     ‘The History of the Mangapurua Valley Settlement and the “Bridge to Nowhere”
       C J Munn – Construction Techniques Southern Ltd

4     ‘Tensile Tests on Cold Bent/Straightened Reinforcing Steel
       J Restrepo and R Park – University of Canterbury

5     ‘Developments in Spray Application of Repair Mortars for Low Volume Patch Repair in Highway Structures
       K Gordon – Fosroc Ltd 

DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.