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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1991
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Wairakei 1991
27 – 29 September 1991

High Strength Concrete

1       'What place high strength concrete?'
         L Gaerty

2       'Practical Applications of High Strength Concrete to Achieve Abrasion/Erosion Resistance at Poutu Intake'
         - Design  N L D’Ath
         - Construction  A F Bosnich

3       'Evaluation of a 10-storey building incorporating high strength concrete by comparison with alternative structural systems'
         D K Bull

Keynote Speaker

4       'Realization of concrete potential'
         Arvid Grant – Olympia WA, USA

Roading Structures

5       'Opportunities in New Zealand land transport'
         J H van Barneveld

6       'Report of the workshop on the seismic design and retrofitting of reinforced concrete bridges, Bormio, Italy, April 1991'
         P J North

7       'Retrofitting of reinforced concrete bridge piers for seismic resistance'
         R Park, M Rodriguez

Precast Concrete

8       'Precast concrete architectural cladding'
         D H Chisholm

9       'Concrete Masonry Design Code NZS 4230, 1990'
         L Gaerty

10     'Efficient use of structural precast concrete in high rise buildings'
         W Raymond

Concrete Research

11     'Durability performance'
         D P Barnard

12     'Seismic load tests on midspan and beam-column joint connections between precast concrete members'
         J Restrepo, R Park, A H Buchanan

13     'Reinforced concrete beams with large penetrations under cyclic loading'
         G Beattie

14     'Experimental observation of externally reinforced concrete members, and some observations on prospects for the technology'
         P G Lowe       

Concrete Briefs

15     'Concrete technology – education options'
         D P Barnard

16     'Aspects of the Tauranga Sulphur Point Wharf construction'
         A Smith

17     'Moveable concrete barrier on the Auckland Harbour Bridge'
         E P Sansom

18     'An efficient solution to punching shear'
         D Lawley

19     'Concrete Institute of Australia 15th Biennial Conference Report'
         E P Sansom


DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.