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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1990
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Wairakei 1990
28 – 30 September 1990

Keynote Speaker

1       'Future Trends in Developments of Precast Concrete'
         A Van Acker, Belgium

High Rise Buildings

2       'Robt. Jones Tower'
         - Construction  W Raymond
         - Structural Analysis and Design Aspects  P R Boardman

3       'Ascon Tower'
         - Construction  D R Ashby
         - Structural Design  M Jacobs

Future of the Concrete Industry

4       'Concrete supply, manufacture and precasting'
         K E Howard

5       'Concrete Placing in a multi-storey building'
         M Garland

6       'Prestressing and rehabilitation of concrete'
         R W Irwin

7       'Education, research and development'
         R Park

Concrete Research

8       'Sesimic load tests on midspan connections between precast concrete beams'
         J Restrepo, R Park, A Buchanan

9       'Seismic load tests of reinforced concrete columns strengthened by jacketing'
         M Rodriguez, R Park

10     'Repair and strengthening of concrete structures'
         P G Lowe, R Surapaneni

11     'Member elongation – a neglected factor in seismic design'
         R C Fenwick

12     'Abrasion resistance of industrial floor slabs'
         D H Chisholm

13     'Seismic load performance of bridge piers with repaired base hinge zones'
         G M Lawrance

High Strength Concrete

14     'Materials and construction characteristics'
         D H Chisholm, G H Rowe

15     'Seismic resistance of reinforced concrete columns utilizing high strength concrete'
         Li Bing, R Park

16     'Structural applications'
         D K Bull                  

Session 6: Advances in Concrete Floor Techniques
Chairperson: Craig Muir

1      'High Quality Flat Floors in New Zealand'
        Graeme Berghan – Managing Director, Bercon Construction

2      'Introducing New Technology for Concrete Placing and Finishing'
        Brian Mooney – Managing Director, Laser Screed NZ Ltd

3      'Panel Discussion Open to Questions from the Floor – “Avoiding Problems Associated with Concrete Paving

Concrete Repair Materials

17     'Technical aspects of our company’s concrete repair material philosophy'
         A Frommenwiler

18     'Use of micro silica technology in concrete repair'
         K McSweeney


DISCLAIMER:  Please note conference papers are checked by the Conference Organising Committee for overt commercialism only, the papers have not been peer reviewed. Technical accuracy is the responsibility of the authors involved.