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NZ Concrete Society Conference 1987
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Wellington 1987
Wellington Festival & Convention Centre, Wellington
6 – 8 November 1987

Computer Technology

1       'Computerisation in a National Precasting Company'
         R E Cato

2       'Making a Commitment to the Computer Age'
         K M Ollivier

3       'Computers and the Ready Mix Industry'
         T Browne

Concrete Project

4       'Application of Concrete Technology to Enhance the Durability of the Ohaaki Cooling Tower'
         S M Bruce, J R Coad, S Freitag, A T Hinkley, G H Rowe

5       'The Design and Construction of Ohaaki Natural Draught Cooling Tower'
         G K Sidwell, I K C Dick

Concrete Design and Construction

6       'Design and Construction of an 8000 Square Metre Jointless Post Tensioned Floor Slab'
         B J Wood, I C Bond

7       'Investigation, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation of the Façade Panels of a Multi-storey Office Building'
         M J Lawson, R A Robinson

8       'Steel Framed GRC Panels'
         P L Watson, A J O’Leary

Precast Concrete Systems

9       'Fire Resistance of Prestressed Concrete'
         L G McSaveney

10     'Safety in Precast Concrete Construction'
         L Gaerty

Fibre Reinforcement

11     'Fibre Reinforced Concrete'
         D Alexander

12     'A System of Inhibiting Steel Corrosion in Concrete'
         A L Landau

13     'Investigations into the Seismic Strengthening of Unreinforced Masonry Buildings Using Fibre Reinforced Plaster'
         G H Rowe, T N Mitchell, S J Thurston          

Current Research

14     'Seismic Load Tests on Connections Between Precast Prestressed Concrete Piles and Cast in Situ Reinforced Concrete Pile Caps'
         Pam Hoat Joen, R Park

15     'Inelastic Response of Concrete Structures'
         R C Fenwick, B J Davidson

16     'Compositional Variations Between Different Silica Fumes and their Effect on Early Structure in Cement and Concrete'
         C J Munn


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