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Industry Voice
Concrete NZ Precast is the recognised voice of the off site precast industry in New Zealand. As the recognised voice of the industry we are able to use the combined resources of our members to tackle issues of common concern. As the industry organisation, we have a more authoritative and powerful voice than individual members, and this is amplified through participation in other organisations.

Some of the benefits to members:

  • Access to quarterly precast sales statistics by regions showing market trends.
  • Individual member’s concerns can be addressed at a national level and support sought from the industry body and taken to other forums.
  • Added credibility as a member of the industry body and access to “Certified Plant” status.
  • Able to display Concrete NZ Precast Logo on your own correspondence, publications etc. • Be kept up to date with relevant industry news via email alerts.
  • Participation in Concrete NZ Precast promotions, inclusion on web site etc.

We have been able to protect the interests of our industry and exert influence in many forums where individual companies would not be invited to participate. The list of organisations into which we have made input is extensive and include:

  • Representation on the executive of the Specialist Trade Contractors Federation and through them many bodies of relevance to the construction industry and subcontracting.
  • Involvement with University of Canterbury and University of Auckland on research and testing programs for precast concrete.
  • Participation in organising the annual concrete conference to ensure precast matters get a reasonable hearing.
  • Involvement with industry documents and standards including NZS 3101 Concrete Structures, SA-2017 Joint Subcontract Agreement, WorkSafe Guides, and others.
  • We have made submission to a Royal Commission, parliamentary select committee, participated in SESOC and other committees on matters affecting precast concrete.

Other areas where we have been active in the interests of our members include:

  • Involvement with Department of Corrections to eliminate unfair competition with our members through operating without the normal commercial constraints of funding and financial returns.
  • Representation on industry training organisation BCITO to ensure appropriate training and qualifications are available for our workforce.
  • Submissions on changes to the Building Act that were successful in requiring protection of subcontractor’s retentions.
  • Representation on committees, and promotion of low damage design structural systems which include the use of precast concrete.Involvement in testing programs at the University of Canterbury and the University of Auckland.

In addition to the vast amounts of legislation that all commercial enterprises are required to comply with, there is another huge layer that applies to building operations with numerous regulations, standards, codes of practice and potential liabilities from not following accepted best practice. The collective knowledge and experience of Concrete NZ Precast members is potentially available to each individual member.

In the unfortunate event of investigation of an accident by the WorkSafe, Concrete NZ Precast is available to assist members. Immediate access to advice can reduce the cost to the individual and the fallout to the industry as a whole.

Concrete NZ Precast is also able to issue guides on best accepted industry practice. These will also assist members in the event of disputes or legal proceedings.

Concrete NZ Precast is very aware of the anti-competitive requirements of the Commerce Act and ensures all meetings and communications are compliant.

Following the Feb 2011 Christchurch earthquake and subsequent 2016 Kaikoura and Wellington events, there is a risk of changes being imposed based on evidence that has been misinterpreted because of the sheer scope of matters under consideration and the urgent drive for quick answers prior to reconstruction.

There is also the problem of changes that are only necessary for a limited range of structures, such as ductile frames, being applied unnecessarily across all uses. Concrete NZ Precast had two members involved in the red zone immediately following the Christchurch earthquake, and further involved in ongoing repair work. Their experience is essential in ensuring changes to regulations and standards do not unnecessarily disadvantage precast concrete. It also is useful in refuting inferences made by promoters of other building materials of poor performance of precast concrete.

Other Associations
Concrete NZ Precast has close links with the National Precast Concrete Association of Australia (NPCAA). As well as exchange of information with the very well resourced Australian association, we have combined meetings every second year, alternating between countries, where members of each body can exchange information and explore matters of common concern.

We also communicate with other relevant international bodies. For instance providing local liaison for a team of American scientists visiting under the auspices of the American PCI and being involved with their investigation of the Christchurch earthquake and their findings.

We reviewed members’ responses to our activities after 10 years of existence. Views on the relevance and support of 30 current and completed projects were sought. The survey responses were 83% in favour, 16% neutral, and 1% disagree. This was a useful reminder of the large number and range of activities undertaken as well as an overwhelming vote of support for our activities on behalf of its members and the industry.