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About the Reinforcing Group
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Concrete NZ Reinforcing Processors Stakeholder Group represents a number of companies that specialise in the processing and fixing of reinforcing steel used in the building of concrete structures. 

Reinforcing processors act as the main link between steel manufacturers and the end user of reinforcing materials.

They provide the market with a one-stop shop for processing steel reinforcement and installation on site.

Our Objectives

  • To promote, aid, foster, research, develop and protect the interests of the steel reinforcing processor’s industry within New Zealand.
  • To provide a central organisation, through which Group members can co-ordinate their efforts to handle problems of common concern, representing and acting for the industry before Government, and private and public organisations where appropriate
  • To represent the interests of the group through the development of Standards and guidance that support reinforcing processors.
  • To procure and disseminate information that may be helpful to members.
  • To provide the support necessary to establish and grow employee trade training to ensure that the skills and qualifications that support reinforcing processors are maintained and recognised by the construction industry.

Processor Services Include

  • Reinforcing material detailing and scheduling from engineering and architectural drawings;
  • Processing by cutting and bending to the shape required;
  • Coordinating and delivering to site as required;
  • Placing and fixing of reinforcing on site;
  • Quality control